What is a Gragoons?

A Gragoons is a kind of dragon. When he is a baby he looks like a little winged turtle, but as an adult he becomes a furry Lindwrom!

Why a hedgehog?

The hedgehog is the favorite animal of the creator of Gragoons, so she illustrated herself with a hedgehog ♡

What is the preparation time for an article?

For items in stock, the preparation time is 2 working days before dispatch. For orderable items, it takes 10 working days before dispatch!

What is the difference between an item in stock and an orderable item?

An in-stock item is already produced, an orderable product must be manufactured, so there is an additional delay.

What shipping method is used?

Canada Post. For other shipping methods, you can contact us by email: info@gragoons.com

For other questions, please contact us by email: info@gragoons.com

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